Best Time for Safari

At Off the Beaten Path Safaris we often get the question: when is the best time for safari in Tanzania? The answer is not easy as there are many factors that contribute to your safari experience. The reality is there is never a bad time for safari in Tanzania. Our expert team at Off the Beaten Path Safaris can suggest the best time for you to visit and suggest an itinerary based upon what you want to see and your budget.

December – early March: high season. During this time of year the wildebeest migration is located in the Southern Serengeti Plains, known as Ndutu. This is the prime time to witness wildebeest calving.  With large congregations of migrating wildebeest, zebra and antelope comes the predators and scavengers in high numbers hoping for successful hunt.

Late March – June: low season.  This is considered one of the rainy seasons. While rain sounds bad for a safari there are some advantages.  The parks will be less crowded allowing for a more private feel. The scenery will be much greener and clouds in the sky provide a beautiful back drop for photographs.  You will still see a wide variety of animals if you come at this time of year. In addition, lodging and flights tend to be less expensive.

July – early October: high season. At this time of year the wildebeest migration will be concentrated in the Northern Plains of the Serengeti and Maasai Mara of Kenya.  This is the best time to witness the Mara River crossing, where massive herds of wildebeest plunge into the crocodile infested river to cross to greener pastures.

Mid-October – November: low season. Once again this is rainy season and as mentioned for April-June the same advantages apply.

As you can see, the advantages to high season travel exist.  This is why it is high season. However, don’t be discouraged – Off the Beaten Path Safaris assures you that even travel in the low season can be fantastic with lush green park and increased privacy during game drives. Trust our team at Off the Beaten Path Safaris to plan a Tanzania safari of a lifetime!