Charitable Giving

As noted, as a company, Off the Beaten Path Safaris promises to donate 2% of our profits to local charity.  We have chosen the Patandi Primary School and Faraja Orphanage Children’s Home as our local charities.

Patandi Primary School

The Patandi Primary School is special to us, as it not only houses a standard school, but it also has a program for disabled children. This allows children who are deaf, blind and have developmental disabilities to receive an education and learn at their own pace.  Our goal is to help support renovation of their kitchen and dining room for the children attending the school.

Faraja Orphanage Children’s Home

Faraja Orphanage Children’s Home is a local orphanage located in Arusha. This orphanage is home to over 200 orphans, 30% of which are HIV positive.  The orphanage provides a loving home environment, medications and the ability to attend school for all children under their care.  Our goal is to support 1-2 orphans per year, providing enough funding for them to be fed, clothed and school fees covered.

Site Visitation and Donations:

The Patandi Primary School is located near Arusha National Park, on the route to and from Kilimanjaro International Airport. Faraja Orphanage Children’s Home is in the city of Arusha along the same route.

For travelers who would like to visit this local charity, we can easily arrange for a visit to the either charity during your stay.  Short visits can even be arranged on the day of departure when returning to the airport.

Please ask us what may be most needed prior to bringing things along to donate to these charities.  We will frequently purchase food and firewood for them as well as fulfill wishlists locally – a recent campaign pictured below shows the new mattresses and blankets that a recent family was able to purchase locally with donations.