Cultural Immersion

When visiting Tanzania, we would love to have you learn more about our culture.  The people of Tanzania are some of the kindest people you will meet.  From city tours to tribal visits, we can arrange something to fit everyone’s interests.

In town, we can visit the open-air markets where we can shop for fresh food and treat you to a cooking class where you can learn about some traditional East African dishes.  We can visit a local orphanage or school that we support and you can be involved in our mission of improving their living and teaching quarters.

Tribal visits are another amazing experience for those who love to learn about other cultures.  Some common tribes that we visit are:

  • The Maasai tribe raise livestock and live in large family bomas, or homesteads, within the Ngorongoro Conservation area
  • The Hadzabe, one of the smallest remaining tribes, in the Lake Eyasi region – is a nomadic tribe of hunters and gathers. Their numbers are quickly dwindling, but their lifestyle is very interesting to learn about.
  • The Datoga tribe, also in the Lake Eyasi region – this tribe is known for their blacksmithing of different metals. Visiting their tribe you can learn about their lifestyle and how they trade their metal works with other tribes, like arrowheads to the Hadzabe tribe, for food.
  • The Chagga tribe, who reside on the slope of Kilimanjaro and is known for the coffee that they grow in the region.