Community Outreach

At Off The Beaten Path Safaris, we strongly believe that any successful company should be involved in humanitarian efforts with their local community. By supporting locally owned businesses, promoting education of our future wildlife guides and providing assistance to those less fortunate we can can a difference.

We, at Off the Beaten Path Safaris, have strong ties to our local community.  Our owner, as well as all of our office staff and guides, are Tanzanian citizens. They continue to reside within our community around Arusha, Tanzania.   We are not an internationally owned and operated business – profits directly impact local citizens and don’t line the pockets of international investors.

As as company,  Off the Beaten Path Safaris promises to donate 2% of our profits to a local charities as a way to give back to our community.

Please review the subsequent pages to learn more about the specific community outreach that Off the Beaten Path Safaris is in involved in.  Together we can make a difference for future generations of Tanzanians.