Founder And Directors

Salim Mrindoko

Off the Beaten Path Safaris was founded in 2018 by Salim Mrindoko, in pursuit of merging his passion for wildlife conservation, his gift for genuinely interacting with people, and his educational background in business. Salim is also a certified wildlife guide by training. Our mission is to provide tourists with the top safari experience by employing the most passionate guides, providing the most well-maintained vehicles and really listening to the customer’s needs.
Off the Beaten Path Safaris is locally owned and operated, with our office based in the Njiro district of Arusha. Our fully staffed office and reservations team is available 7 days a week to respond to your inquiries as quickly as possible.
Off the Beaten Path Safaris may not be the largest safari outfitter in Tanzania, but we promise to be the best!

Rebecca Syring

Rebecca Syring is our other director at Off the Beaten Path Safaris. Her entire life, Rebecca has harbored a strong interest nature and wildlife. During her first visit to Tanzania in 2019 she fell in love with the country - the people and its magnificent landscapes, flora and fauna. She has a passion for photography and also understands the need for conservation and protection of Tanzania’s park and wildlife. She met Salim when on safari and the two quickly formed a strong partnership. Rebecca resides in the United States where she is a critical care veterinary specialist for cats and dogs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Rebecca has an unwavering commitment to Off the Beaten Path Safaris and she serves as their marketing and communication director in the United States. Her goal is to transition to life in Tanzania some day, but in the meantime she visits as often as possible!