About Off The Beaten Path Safaris

Off the Beaten Path Safaris is a locally owned and operated safari company based out of Arusha, Tanzania. We pride ourselves on personalized service with a high standard for all of our customers.


To explore Tanzania with our clients in a trailblazing manner, providing them with unique experiences that combine wildlife safari with social activism and environmental conservation, benefitting the local citizens and wildlife.  In turn, these unique opportunities for tourists will build our company into a successful Tanzanian owned and operated safari business that can sustainably employ at least 3 full time expedition leaders and the necessary office staff to run our business daily while providing a salary to the owners.

Mission Statement:

To provide our clients with an exceptional safari experience that combines unique itineraries with immersion into local communities while having a positive impact on both the local people, animals and environment in which we venture.

Motto: Tourism with a conscience

Core values/objectives:

  • To increase awareness and advocate for wildlife conservation amongst tourists and indigenous people
  • To increase awareness and advocate for environmental conservation in communities surrounding the national parks.
  • To empower our employees and future generations of Tanzanians to work hard and live comfortably while respecting nature.
  • To provide an exceptional wildlife safari experience for our clients while respecting those areas that we visit.

Why the name “Off the Beaten Path Safaris”

We chose the name, Off The Beaten Path Safaris, purposefully to embody the mission of our company.   The phrase “off the beaten path” means to visit a remote, less traveled or less-known location.   This is how we set ourselves apart from most other safari companies in Tanzania – our top goal is to provide our clients with an exceptional safari experience by providing unique itineraries that combines traditional safari with immersion into local communities all while having a positive impact on the environment and communities that we visit.

Our guides are professionally trained and have a passion to deliver a special safari adventure to our clients.  Rather than relying so much upon the radio to find out about the ‘hot spots’ where there are several cars of tourists viewing the same thing – we prefer to venture out on our own for a more private game drive experience.  We love the thrill of clients spotting wild animals for themselves or us locating an exclusive view for them.