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Safari in Tanzania

Wildlife safari in Tanzania is one of those bucket-list, trip of a lifetime experience for many people. If you are an animal lover, wildlife enthusiast, or you care about conservation and endangered species, then a wildlife safari in Tanzania will be the perfect vacation adventure for you.

Did you know that Tanzania is the ONLY home to the Serengeti National Park?  Serengeti National Park has been awarded Africa’s BEST National Park four years running in 2019-2022!  This alone is reason to understand why a safari in Tanzania is one of the best wildlife safaris that there is.

Many safari in Tanzania-goers set forth with the goal of seeing the Big-5: lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and cape buffalo. The Big-5 was so named initially by game-hunters, as they were the most difficult animals to hunt on foot. Three of the five will be readily seen on most safari in Tanzania, with the leopard and rhinoceros providing a greater challenge for you and your guide.  But don’t worry – our staff at Off the Beaten Path Safaris will try their level best to check off all 5 for you if this is your goal!

While seeing the Big-5 is a reasonable goal, wildlife safari affords the opportunity to see a huge variety of exciting animals and one should not limit their expectations to the Big-5. From the more commonly seen giraffe, zebra, and wildebeest, to the majestic cheetah, the enormous hippopotamus, the elegant antelope of all types, the myriad of beautiful and unique birds both large and small, to the opportunistic scavengers like the hyena and jackal and the less easily seen smaller cats like serval and caracal there is a vast variety of animals waiting to be discovered.

Your guides at Off the Beaten Path Safaris are highly trained in this realm. By understanding animal habitats, and behaviors as well as having excellent ability to spot to those more hidden to the average person, we can ensure that you will be astounded by all the natural beauty to behold when on a wildlife safari in Tanzania. Nature never lies!

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