Why Travel With Us

Off the Beaten Path Safaris is a locally owned and operated tourism company based in Arusha, Tanzania. The owner of the company, Mr Salim Mrindoko, has extensive knowledge of the safari industry as he has worked as a guide in Tanzania – he knows what clients want on safari and he understands the logistics of safari planning. Rebecca Syring, the other director, is a photographer who understands the importance of location, perspective and lighting for capturing the best images on safari.

Off the Beaten Path Safaris is dedicated to a high-end safari experience, regardless of your budget. We are quick to respond to inquiries and every safari we plan is personalized to your exact requests and requirements. We only hire the more experienced and knowledgable guides. Our vehicles are impeccably maintained to ensure you are getting a well-functioning and comfortable car.

Most importantly, when you book with Off the Beaten Path Safaris, you can be confident that the company’s earnings are helping to pay salaries and improve the quality of life for our employees who are all local Tanzanian citizens. In addition, we give back to our community to ensure that Tanzania reaps the rewards of safari travels and not some foreign entity.