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At Off the Beaten Path Safaris, we understand what wildlife photographers are looking for in a photographic safari. We know that your ideal safari differs vastly from that of a family wishing to experience Africa for the first time or honeymooners enjoying their special time together.  

What makes a photographic safari different? It’s all in the planning – where we go, where we stay, what car we use, who we provide as your guide. It’s the attention to these little details that helps to make a photographic safari exceptional!

On a photographic safari, one of our top priorities is capitalizing on time out in that perfect light. That means choosing camps that are closer to our goal locations, so we can get to our target location in the best possible light for the maximum amount of time. This way we aren’t showing up right when the light gets too harsh, or leaving right when the light just gets good and racing back to camp at the end of day. Of course, golden hour is fleeting and we can’t have good light all day long nor guarantee it every day – but we aim to make sure that you are able to photograph during that good light every chance you can on safari. Some locations allow off road access, putting us closer to our subjects – this is something to capitalize on for photographers.  

Unlimited mileage is always offered for our clients – meaning nothing is off limits – you can stay out as long as you want (within park rules, of course) and we can trek to whatever location you want to get the sighting and capture the image.  We will pack the cooler and hamper with all the food you need for the day so hunger doesn’t strike at the exact time that the pride of lions decides to show up with playful cubs.

We have extensive experience suggesting the best time to travel depending upon your photographic goals – do you want to capture the river crossing with dust and wildebeest coming toward you? We know that later in the year is best for these images. Do you want to see predator action? Or do you want the lushest grasses to add some color and contrast to your images? Is your goal to photograph babies or maybe capture the birthing process? Or are your an avian photographer and your goal is birds in breeding plumage? We know these intricacies of planning a safari and can suggest an itinerary that best fits your photographic goals.

We understand the perspective and the types of images that you want to capture. We will ask you how you prefer to shoot – do you want a nice backlit image with rim light around the cheetah? Do you want to capture a silhouette of a lion on a kopje with the rising sun directly behind? Or are you looking for that perfect side light? Whatever your goal is we understand light and know that everyone shoots a little differently – we will position you in the way that you want to best capture your ideal images. Come with a bucket list and we will do our best to fill that bucket.

We also know that closer is not always better – that positioning the vehicle slightly further away may help to get the full animal in frame. Or give the perspective that you are lower and closer to ground level with the animal than if you were closer. 

But even better than all of this – we have the vehicles that allow you the opportunity for some of the best low angle perspectives for photography. With fully open-sided vehicles free of window glass and framing, you can mount your gimbals or utilize one of our provided sandbags for stabilization. 

And our latest addition to our fleet is the absolute best – we have renovated our car to provide a door that swings down, allowing you to lay flat on our comfortable padding and shoot from the lowest vantage possible inside the car.  We know you will love this option for some of the best lower angle photography on safari.

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