Wildlife Safari

Tanzania is probably best known for wildlife safari – how couldn’t it be when 1/3 of its landmass is dedicated to national parks and reserves where reside the Big 5 and a myriad of other amazing African mammals and birds.  The safari circuit is divided into two main circuits: The Northern and Southern Circuits.  The Northern Circuit is the most commonly visited and traveled but the Southern Circuit is unique, less crowded and worth a visit.  Lastly Western Tanzania is practically untouched and a place to visit if you wish to be away from the typical safari crowds!

The Northern Circuit:  The most famous park in the Northern Circuit is Serengeti National Park – Africa’s Best Park for 3 years running. But there are other parks in the Northern Circuit including Tarangire National Park, Manyara National Park, Arusha National Pari and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.  With so many parks in one area, you can visit many of these parks in one safari – seeing different landscapes and animals depending upon locaion. Another park that is slightly off the beaten path, Mkomazi National Park, boasts a breeding population of black rhinoceros as well as African wild dogs.

The Southern Circuit: The most noted parks in the southern circuit of Tanzania include Ruaha National Park and Nyerere National Park (formerly known as Selous Game Reserve). Ruaha is known for its magnificent landscapes and the Ruaha river which provides a constant water source in the dry season, causing animals to congregate along its bank.  Nyerere is the largest park in Tanzania and boat safari is possible throughout its riverine landscapes as well as traditional driving safaris.

The Western Circuit:  Mahale National Park, Gombe Stream National Park and Kitavi National Park are the gems of the western circuit.  Here, a top attraction is chimpanzee trekking, as this is where Jane Goodall did her research.  These may be the best regions for primate trekking in all of Tanzania.  The western circuit borders Lake Tanganika.  The western circuit, for the most part, is uncharted and a way to be truly off the beaten path in Tanzania.


Tanzania is home to Mount Kilimanjaro.  It is the tallest mountain in all of Africa (the 5th tallest mountain in the world and the tallest free-standing mountain the world) with a summit of 19,341 feet (5.895 meters). It is a top destination for adventure travelers and is a hike that requires no specific mountain climbing skills other than perseverance and endurance.  You can only access and hike Kilimanjaro from Tanzania.

In additional Mount Kilimanjaro there are other challenging mountains to climb like Mount Meru, near Arusha town, and Ol Doinyo Lengai, an active volcano located near Lake Natron.

While safari is largely an activity enjoyed from the car, we have a variety of options for hiking in the Ngorongoro Highlands, walking safari within Tarangire and Arusha National Parks, as well as other trekking activities outside of the parks.  If you would like a more active safari, please let us know so we can plan according to your needs.

Beach Holiday

The eastern coast of Tanzania is bordered by the Indian Ocean.  Tanzania has several great locations for beach holiday – with Zanzibar Islands (Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia) top the list. The pristine white sand beaches and clear blue waters of the Zanzibar Islands provide the ideal locale for rest and relaxation, whether it is a trip unto itself or the end to an amazing adventure in Africa.  But Zanzibar isn’t just about beaches and relaxation – Stone Town with beautiful architecture, spice markets and slave trade history provides a variety of activities beyond simple sunbathing.

Cultural Immersion

When visiting Tanzania, we would love to have you learn more about our culture.  The people of Tanzania are some of the kindest people you will meet.  From city tours to tribal visits we can arrange something to fit everyone’s interests.

In town, we can visit the open air markets where we can shop for fresh food and treat you to a cooking class where you can learn about some traditional East African dishes.  We can visit a local orphanage or school that we support and you can be involved in our mission of improving their living and teaching quarters.

Tribal visits are another amazing experience for those who love to learn about other cultures.  Some common tribes that we visit are:

  • The Maasai tribe who raise livestock and live in large family bomas, or homesteads, within the Ngorongoro Conservation area
  • The Hadzabe, one of the smallest remaining tribes, in the Lake Eyasi region – this is a nomadic tribe of hunters and gathers. Their numbers are quickly dwindling, but their lifestyle is very interesting to learn about.
  • The Datoga tribe, also in the Lake Eyasi region – this tribe is know for their blacksmithing of different metals. Visiting their tribe you can learn about their lifestyle and how they trade their metal works with other tribes, like arrow heads to the Hadzabe tribe, for food.
  • The Chagga tribe, who reside on the slope of Kilimanjaro and are known for the coffee that they grow in the region.

Gorilla Trekking

Mountain gorillas are a critically endangered species.  Fortunately, we have access to seeing them in East Africa, in neighboring Rwanda and Uganda in the Virunga mountains – this mountain range is the only place that mountain gorillas exist in the entire world!

In Rwanda, Volcanoes National Park is renowned for the gorilla population.  In Uganda they can be seen in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park. We can help you experience an on foot trek through the mountains to see the lowland gorilla families in any of these parks and help decide which country is best based upon the individual travelers in the group.

Family Travel

Whether it’s your immediate family or an extended family celebration, we can ensure that your family safari will be well planned to engage all members of the group.  Family tents can be arranged for families with children where everyone can reside under one roof with separate sleeping spaces for adults and children.  We feel safari can be enjoyed by all ages of children and we adjust our itineraries to include educational opportunities as well as plenty of time out of the car to stretch their legs and get rid of energy.

Honeymoon / Anniversary Celebrations:

East Africa offers a vast array of destinations, perfect for celebrating a private honeymoon or that milestone anniversary with your loved ones.  A privately booked trip of a lifetime in our beautiful country may be just the way to commemorate your life together – whether that is a solo trip with your spouse or extended to include important friends and family members. Itineraries can be adapted to your personal interests or you can choose one of these preplanned packages aimed at relaxation, exploration and togetherness.  We can arrange for a special celebration at dinner and sundowner cocktails with an amazing view to make your anniversary memorable.