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Top Travel Tips For Your Tanzania Safari

Now that you a planning a safari, let us provide you with some top travel tips to help the preparation phase leading up to your Tanzania safari.

Vaccination and Medication

When traveling to Tanzania it is recommended that you reach out to your physician or travel healthy service to figure out what vaccinations are recommended. Typically Hepatitis A+B, typhoid and diphtheria. Yellow fever vaccination is not required, however it you spend more than a few hours in another country that has yellow fever (specifically Kenya) you will need to provide proof of inoculation prior to entry in Tanzania.


While visas can be obtained on arrival in Tanzania for travelers from many countries, the process can be slow and if possible it is recommend to get your visa prior to traveling. This is correct website to use if you would like to get your visa before you travel (note – not all countries are eligible for e-visa services):


One of the most important things that we cannot emphasize is don’t overpack! Internal flights in the county have a strict luggage limit (15kg per person, including hand luggage). Soft bags are recommended over hard suitcases. Safari trucks aren’t huge – save space to move around.  For a more comprehensive post on what to pack on safari, follow this link.

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance as soon as you book your trip. First, travel insurance guarantees your trip if there are any unforeseen cancellations. While we are confident safari in Tanzania is safe, there is always the risk of unexpected medical emergencies. When that happens you want to be certain that you are covered for medical care in Tanzania and for repatriation back to your home country in the event of accident and illness. It is generally advised to carry $100,000 USD coverage for medical care and $250,000 USD coverage for repatriation.

Talk with your Guide

We employ some of the best guides we know. They are so knowledgable about everything related to safari – ask them questions, learn from them about this beautiful country. The guides will generally keep to themselves and not interfere with your personal time outside of the cars – however, if you enjoy their company – invite them to have meals with you at the lodges.  A lifelong friendship in the making.


A large part of the guides and lodge staffs salaries comes from personal tips. While never required, tips are greatly appreciated.  It is recommended to tip your safari guide the equivalent of $15 USD per person per day. At lodges there is a communal tip box at the end of your stay – it is recommend to tip $15 USD per day.

We hope these travel tips for Tanzania safari have been helpful.  Reach out to us via our website or What’s App with any questions you may have!

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