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Why Choose Tanzania Safari Over Other African Destinations

A Tanzania safari is for many a trip of a lifetime.  But how does one choose Tanzania over other African countries for safari?  What sets the Tanzania safari apart from other countries like South Africa, Kenya or others?

Africa is incredibly blessed with an amazing amount of diverse natural beauty and culture. It is always difficult to compare different regions in Africa, especially from a safari point of view, as they all offer their own unique points of interest and are often very different from one another. Tanzania as a destination is a fantastically diverse place both culturally and naturally, there are few places that can offer the outright diversity that is on offer in Tanzania.

Tanzania is the 13th largest country in Africa.  It is located in the southeastern quadrant of Africa and is bordered by the Indian Ocean to the East, Kenya to the north and Mozambique to the south within a region of countries know as East African. Tanzania is home to 3 of the 7 natural wonders of Africa:

  • Mount Kilimanjaro – the tallest peak in Africa and tallest free-standing mountain the world
  • The Great Wildebeest Migration on the Serengeti
  • Ngorongoro Crater – the biggest intact volcanic caldera in the world

From a safari perspective the Serengeti is undoubtedly the world’s most famous wilderness area, and for good reason, the sheer biomass of large mammals that can be seen and the environment in which they can be seen is astounding, from the open plains and granite hills of the south, to the Mara river in the north the Serengeti is an ultimate natural wonder. Home of course to the great migration which is the cyclical movement of over 1.8 million herbivores, the Serengeti is without question the best place to view this spectacle, one of the 10 natural wonders of the world. Combined with the predator populations that thrive off these massive herds it makes for a truly wonderful naturalist experience that is breathtaking in every sense of the word. If there ever was a bucket list item to tick off a safari to the Serengeti has to be top of that list!

Tanzania is a fantastic country for tourism – in fact, tourism makes up a considerable portion of the country’s economy. Conservation is considered very vital, with 38% of its landmass designated as protected in the form of national parks and reserves. Tanzania home to these many natural wonders, where one can experience unparalleled wildlife safari.  In addition, we boast world-class mountain climbing and Tanzania is home to endless beaches along the shores of the Indian Ocean. The white sand beaches of Zanzibar provide a luxurious and relaxing retreat. And Zanzibar provides a rich history of trade within this region – gold, ivory, spices and the slave trade.

One of the benefits of a safari in Tanzania is the easy access from bush to beach, where in a relatively short journey you can travel from the wilderness of the Serengeti to the palm lined, white sandy beaches of Zanzibar, which itself boasts an incredible history with its rich culture, Stone Town being a UNESCO world heritage site. The crystal clear water and protected reefs is a haven for rich marine life and an absolute mecca for snorkelling and scuba diving. Combining both of these destinations makes a safari to Tanzania a true rarity in the world of safaris

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